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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival X - HSB 2010 Friday

This makes the 5th year (I think) that I've been to HSB and it's still wonderful. I wasn't as pumped for the line-up as I have been in years past but it was still great.

Sadly, Friday I missed Poor Man's Whiskey because we ran late to the festival. We did manage to get a good spot for the Arrow Stage though and the Waybacks were a refreshing start to my weekend. Sarah Dugas brought a sultry warm presence to the normally all male group. I've seen the Waybacks a number of times but I think this is my first time seeing Warren Hood play with them, definitely a good addition. I'm hopeful I'll be able to catch them again soon. Waybacks Pictures

After the Waybacks came 7 Walkers featuring Bill Kreutzmann, George Porter Jr, Papa Mali and Matt Hubbard. 7 Walkers Pictures

Sarah Lee & Johnny played at 4:30, it was interesting to see them play in this setting. Earlier this year I saw them play with Sarah Lee's dad, Arlo Guthrie and they were pretty good. They definitely had more energy playing in the park. Sarah Lee & Johnny Pictures

The Subdudes were awesome as usual and still as full as zest as they always have! Subdudes Pictures

Saturday and Sunday to come!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Arlo Guthrie and Family

This season I've had the privilege of taking in the entire American Heritage series at the Mondavi Center in Davis and it has been amazing. Being able to see Merle Haggard for the first time was a treat and to add to my firsts this year, last night I had the pleasure of seeing Arlo Guthrie and his family. Opening the show Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion played a few songs and really warmed the room up. There was literally an entire family up there with sometimes 10 and 15 people being on stage. Between each one of the songs Arlo told a story and I'm not sure if it was part of the shtick but the kids and adults would sit down on the edges of platforms on the stage as if they were really listening to story time with grandpa Arlo.

When people from the audience began to request Alice's Restaurant Arlo made a comment about the movie Groundhog Day, and what it would be like for groundhog day to be half an hour long. I can't blame him for not wanting to do that song, it is from many many many years ago and I can only imagine how many times he's played it by now. I was happy that he played the motorcycle song, I dare you to listen to it and not smile. Everyone from the family contributed to the show in some way, some of the kids I would guess are only 2 or 3, it was cute. Most of the songs were unrecognizable to me but it certainly was a pleasure to see a folk legend like Arlo Guthrie in the flesh.

To see the rest of my pictures click here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jónsi (of Sigur Rós) at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley 04-15-10

This show was great! I've never been to a show at Zellerbach before and it was beautiful, although a little on the soft side, the sound had a great mix for the room. Sorry for a lack of close shots, this was a seated show.The opener made for a slow start but you could feel the anticipation rise as the set change drew to a close and the house lights flashed to draw us back into the auditorium. Sigur Ros hasn't been to Berkeley since 2008 and if my research is correct, Jónsi hasn't toured here since then either.There was quite a bit of excitement about the sets for the Jónsi tour and with good reason. The whole show was more than a concert, it was more like a musical. I really enjoyed the accompanying effects, the video, the sets, the lights...all of it. I'm not a die-hard Jónsi fan so I can't really say that I noticed a big difference between his recorded stuff and the live versions but it was still great as a whole. Good job, come back soon! For more pictures click here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cake in Oakland


I'm sorry it has been so long since I posted...too much life.

Cake was so fantastic! Even though I was very short on sleep they rocked the house! Check out the videos of Warpigs, Arco Arena, Haze of Love, and Mexico. I've been seeing Cake for like 15 years and they've always been wonderful. The posts I find the hardest to write are the ones for the bands that are my favorites.

I have nothing else to say than that if you don't own every single album of theirs, go buy em.
If you haven't seen them, fly somewhere.
If you're hitting a Cake show within like 350 miles of Sacramento, I'll see you there.

The Fox Theatere was beautiful! The seats were huge and the hummus before the show was yummy. My dad came so we were in the balcony...sorry pictures are from afar - made for good roof shots.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Karli Fairbanks, Chris Robley and The Fear of Heights, not an Airplane 11-07-08

Karli Fairbanks sounds a lot like Ingrid Michaelson, it was a good opening set which I walked in almost as it finished. There were two chicks with guitars...WOOOO! They both had good voices but in the like 2 songs I got to hear that was what I got from it.

Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights played next and they were good. They are from Portland and they played with not an Airplane at the Imbibe the last time naA toured up in their area. They had really good guitar and the band gave a good vibe. Hahaa today is 11-15-08 and I'm reading my notes from the show and I wrote down 4/5 wear glasses.......apparently that fact was more important to me then.

not an Airplane released their new EP to the Modesto masses at this show, so I was busy. Tonight I'm seeing naA and Chris Robley again and this time I'm not going to miss the guest appearance from Soup's fiddle player (Modesto Band Soup). Maybe I'll write my review closer to the actual show this time so I can remember the significance of 4 our of 5 band members wearing glasses.

Christina Boggs
Rock on Cali

Thursday, October 9, 2008

HSB Sunday 10-05-08

Sunday morning Poor Man's Whiskey added a latin flair and played an awesome set! Of note was their Whiskey in the Sky With Diamonds after the Beatles' Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Today was a special day for one of the Whiskiers...Josh proposed to his girlfriend...She shot him down...on stage, in front of thousands of people....jk. She said yes!

Sorry I don't have more to say about them, they're frikken awesome...I was too busy rocking out to write more. But...I did take pictures!

I do have something to say about this guy....At the end of the night....he was running around with no clothes on. Really. Like....Really no clothes. Uhhh I didn't really need that. kthanks.

Next up was Moonalice, I guess the crowd felt different to me being in front for PMW as opposed to moving back to my tarp for the Moonalice set and having the croud in front of me. It was crowded. Alison Brown and Joe Craven were up next. I love all of Joe Craven's noises and how much fun he has up there. He adds an interesting twist to something a little more blue than Moonalice.

DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL......................................Quite my most anticipated set of the day (nothing but love for PMW but I've seen them like 5 times already this year, they're still great I just get them all the time). They were FANTASTIC (I know holy crap that's a lot of caps - its the way I feel okay? If you were standing in front of me I would be yelling it). It truly is amazing how much they play off each other so much. Its like a conversation on the stage. From one topic to the next, each one has something different to say and maybe they have different amounts and things to say on each topic but it is a conversation none the less.

Each person brings their personality to the conversation and they all get to talk. Even then, I don't think my analogy does justice to it, the music is so much better than talking. If they weren't all guys I might use something related to sex, but they are so I won't.

Banjo player, Danny Barnes from Bad Livers played Get it While You Can and it made everyone in the band was really excited to be playing and singing it in a slightly different style. Chris Pandolfi was so psyched to be playing with one of his inspirations and to be able to share the stage with him, I don't know if there was a time during that song when Panda wasn't grinning. Fantastic.

Its funny, sometimes when I'm really into what's going on sometimes I run out of things to say and sometimes it makes me ramble. Jeremy Garrett has a voice like no other! So amazing. When he sings I feel like I can't focus on anything else going on, amazing. Hahaa I'm glad I don't know and talk to him on a regular basis. I think I would have a hard time not watching him talk and listening to the sound of his voice. I think the conversation would be one sided because all I would want to do is listen.

Jesse Cobb is one fanfrikkentastic mandolin player. I don't play the mando (haha and I don't even pretend to attempt it) but my goodness, he sounds so good. Now Ronnie McCoury is an awesome mandolin player too but when Cobby plays, it is so warm. If a teddy bear could play the mandolin that essence would be encompassed by Cobb. I don't have enough words to describe how fantastic their set was. I've been waiting in anticipation to see them again since I saw them months ago. If only I lived on the east coast, or the south. They tour over there more often. They hit the UK and Europe bluegrass scene this year, did a bunch of stops in Germany and there are a bunch of videos of those tour stops on youtube. If you want to catch a song from this set you can see it here: Poor Boy's Delight. They've only been together for like 2 years now - it would be as if you expected a toddler to write a dissertation on elementary particle interation ---this toddler did it---does it. Every new listener, every person who catches a set of theirs is amazed at how breathtaking their music is.

Travis Book, Jeremy Garrett, Andy Hall, Andy Falco, Chris Pandolfi, Jesse Cobb together are awesome songwriters, musicians, artists, pickers, grinners and a fantastic Nashville bluegrass supergroup. The rest of the shots from their set are here.

The Waybacks are local to SF and they started the show talking about it they played the crowd well and during the set I actually got a chance to look areound. They drew a crowd. They were good. I'm sorry though, their greatness was overshadowed by the dusters. I know they were good but I got up for a crowd breather and missed much of their set.

Tea Leaf Green should be renamed four hot guys with skills. The keyboard player has a really awesome unique voice, raspy and clear at the same time and he later played the harmonica. The guitar player also sang - they both had extraordinarily deep voices.

The bass player rocked out. I love it when people enjoy what they're doing so much they can't contain it. Awesome. They invited a guest mandolin player up, Erick McVaddon. This is another band I'll be sure to watch in the future. The lead singer's voice reminds me of Jerry Garcia. They then invited out Dan Lebowitz (who also played this morning with PMW) and he played a steel guitar across his lap. Earlier with PMW he played an accoustic six string. He's really good...

All in all, this year's HSB was better than last year's. They keep getting better. You can check out all the pictures from HSB that I took here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HSB Saturday 10-04-08

Dry Branch Fire Squad was a little wet this morning as the show opened up with drizzles, they warmed it up though....and played a good set, with a guest appearance from Warren Hellman (thanks for the show!)

If Flogging Molly played bluegrass inspired music they would be the Waco Brothers. I would say this is punk bluegrass, its a new sub genre....I just made it up. Two electric guitars, a bass, drums and a mandolin. I guess having a mando makes them somewhat bluegrass. If the HSB people say they're close enough, I'll accept that. I can't wait to see them again.

Jean Cook came out on fiddle for part of the set. This most definitely gets my surprise punk element award for the day! WOOO. These guys must stretch before their shows because that many high kicks might otherwise pull something. I have a couple videos that I did, one of Plenty Tough and Union Made and another of Neil Young's Revolution Blues. These guys are fantastic. They're not playing in the area any time soon but I'll be watching for them. I really like this music - its a bit rockabilly. Its funny because just as I wrote that down on my notepad they did a Bo Diddly song. They were phenomenal. Here's the set of photos from HSB.

One crispy veggie burger later was Richard Thompson. He is supposed to be a fantastic guitar player...uhhh....I guess he wasn't bad, just not really my style. It was very jazz like. He wore a beret. The highlight of his set was when he played Black Vincent 1952 (because I love the Del McCoury Band and they covered it). Much more noodling around than Del but...sometimes that happens.

The Desert Rose Band played their big hit from 1987 Don't Walk Away, their pedal steel sounded pretty good. Hahaa they've got enough guitars up there --- the pedal steel, bass player and drummer. The sun really came out as they started.

The Del McCoury Band came out and cleaned up. A couple old songs followed by Moneyland, kind of a scary thought....when the problems of the economy reach so deep into the heart of the country that even bluegrass is affected.

DMB was fantastic as usual, they get the good 'ol faithful award of the day. Pictures from their set (along with the other DMB pictures I have up already).

Welcoming the night was the Global Drum Project. Upon days of thought I found out how this fits into bluegrass....(think the Kevin Bacon game)...
1. Mickey Hart used to play with this little band called the Grateful Dead.
2. Jerry Garcia was also in the Dead.
3. Jerry Garcia's old band Old and In the Way was bluegrass...and Jerry did stuff with David Grisman.

I honestly didn't think I was going to like an hour of drum solo. I guess it really isn't a drum solo - there were four of them up there, that's not a solo.

There were so many percussive items. There were drums, bongos, sticks, metal things, wooden implements of noise, bells, rattles, gourds, symbols, was awesome.

Sunday's review to come.

HSB Friday 10-03-08

As we enter the park from 36th and Fulton the sound of the Jerry Douglas Band can be heard through the trees. We broke through into the meadow just in time to hear the final applause. We fought our way to the merch tent after a brief sighting of Wavy Gravy.

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant started promptly at 5:30. We were back so far...ugh. The sound was very quiet. I was wondering if it was more loud for the last set or if the sound just goes contrary to normal physics for Jerry Douglas and returned to reality for the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant set.

The bits that I could hear was good. Krauss did Down to the River to Pray - they also did a bunch of Led Zepplin songs and T-Bone Burnett came up and did a handful of songs with them too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Throw Me the Statue 09-07-08

Throw Me the Statue 09-07-08 3, originally uploaded by cmboggs.

This was a fantastic show, Desirae insisted I come to it...and I didn't really protest but this is not normally my blend of music.

It was fantastic. I hope to see them the next time they come. Sadly, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it and didn't take notes.

Check out the pictures from my flickr and the video on my youtube...Sorry about the delay, I had problems getting the names of the songs matched up :)

Rock On Cali

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jay Shaner, The Tumbleweeds and Eric Warren

Saturday night could have been the answer to a sad torn breakup and the need to wallow in self pity and quiet reflection. Sorrowful contemplative country songs were what Jay Shaner opened with before the Tumbleweeds' sets. After a handful, that changed with Aliens. It was the pivotal point in his set, everything got up-beat and foot tapping after that.

Nxes played over the speakers between sets. It was an odd combination especially as Emily Richardson (bass) of the Tumbleweeds started to play along with it after tuning. That was surprising. One benefit of being in the side part of Fox and Goose is that over there they turn down the lights and the roar of the friday night drinking croud is muffled from the next room. Drunkeness leaks in through the open door. The Tumbleweeds played a lively set as usual, I was more than a little dissapointed to discover there would be no cowbell action...Oh well, the show must go on....even without a cowbell. Its funny, I've only seen the Tumbleweeds like 3 or 4 times but I'm already getting to know their songs. Check out my video of the Tumbleweeds doing the problem.

Up next is a permutation of the Tumbleweeds, the Len Brown Society. Last week I saw Buick 6 do just a fantastic marvelous job and then bring Lucinda up. This week the Tumbleweeds did a fantastic job and then they brought up Eric Warren. Warren had a gritty dirty rock sound...It was like turning lemonade into an Arnold Palmer, just a little tea but it makes it so different. I don't tend to notice songwriting but this was phenominal. A song about the perspectives of animals...awesome. "I wonder if the stars are jealous of the sun in the sky," was one of my favorite lines. Checkout the videos of the Tumbleweeds with Eric Warren doing Unborn Child and Cigarette.